About Me

About: Jean D'Amico and Maple Street Studio are located in Maynard, MA.

Education: Studied ceramics at Worcester Craft Center, Framingham State University, Decordova Museum School, Danforth Art Museum and the Emerson Umbrella Art Center.

Location:  Maple Street Studio in Maynard, MA. The studio also functions as a small gallery. People make appointments to visit the studio and purchase my work. 

Upcoming Exhibit:  I will be exhibiting my work in the upcoming Maynard ArtSpace Show: “Only in Maynard,” from Dec 10, 2014 – Jan 2, 2015.

Inspiration:   My brother Lou D'Amico was my primary inspiration. He is a fabulous potter and also an incredible painter,. He has a studio and gallery in Albuquerque, NM and teaches ceramics as well. He encouraged me to try my hand at clay in the 70's. I loved it immediately and found that it grounded me in inexplicable ways. Through the years, I've been lucky to have had many wonderful teachers. The most inspiring of them all was the Japanese potter Makoto Yabe who sadly passed away in 2005. Much of my work has an Asian flavor that's been influenced by him. He encouraged me to be more spontaneous and organic with both the forms and the glazes in my work. He also taught me to embrace the imperfect. His teaching has carried over into my life.

Work:  I primarily make functional pottery that is either hand built using a slab technique or mostly thrown on a potter's wheel. Bowls, platters, plates, tea bowls, vases and tumblers. I enjoy carving the clay, impressing the ware with stamps or words, or just playing with the various colored glazes on the pot's surface. The final glaze firing in the kiln sometimes transforms the piece in expected ways and sometimes not. I've learned a lot about surrendering to the limits of the clay and the alchemy of fire. Recently, I started making wheel throw tumblers with lines of poems from the poets Rumi, Basho, Bly and Mirabai. Even Goethe. I also started a line of hand built tumblers which have a more organic feel to them.

Artistic Challenge:  When I think about the biggest challenge to creating art, it has  been about making time to do my pottery especially when I had a day job. Even now I still have to be conscious of making sure I go to the studio for uninterrupted time. What has helped me is to block out clay time in an appointment book and showing up to do the work. It is sacred and inviolate time to me.

You can contact me via my email:   info@jeandamicopottery.com.